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Quellen und Links zur Entwicklung der Modellbahn

Sonstige Spielzeugbücher

In dieser Kategorie werden Bücher vorgestellt, die in keine andere Kategorie passen.

  • Plastic Toys - Dimestore Dreams of the 40s and 50s; Schiffer Publishing 1993
    Plastic Toys

  • Slush Mold Racing Cars - Slush mold cars made in the U.S.A. during 1920 - 1940; Blurb 2009
    Slush Mold Racing Cars The book shows a collection of slush mold racing cars from the USA. The cars were made during 1920-1940 in small factories and workplaces near Kansas City and in the Mid-West.
    There are more than 50 different racers and speed race cars in the book. All described and photographed. The book gives an impression of the most important factories. Barclay, CAW, Lincoln White Metal and Tip Top are some of the names.
    Kategorie Freizeit & Handwerk
    Tags Slush toy cars, toys, racing, cars, antiques

  • Modellautomobile - Die schönsten Modellautos aus aller Welt; Initium's Classics 1999

  • Faszination Baumaschinen - Modelle: Große Welt im Kleinen; Giesel Verlag 1999
    Faszination Baumaschinen

  • Diecast Toy Aircraft; New Cavendish Books 1997
    Diecast Toy Aircraft

  • Toy Forts and Castles; Schiffer Publishing Ltd 2016
    Toy Forts and Castles

  • Richters Anker-Steinbaukasten; George Hardy 1995
    Richters Anker-Steinbaukasten

  • Terence Cuneo - Railway Painter of the Century; New Cavendish Books 1990
    Terence Cuneo

  • Émile-André Schefer - Peintre des machines; AFAC 1994
    Émile-André Schefer Leben und Werk des Eisenbahnmalers Émile-André Schefer
    Sonderausgabe der Zeitschrift "Chemins de fer", No 425, 1994/2

  • Tales of Model Cars - Pre-war splendour in the works of 1/43 masters; Blurb 2021
    Tales of Model Cars The passion for photography and modelcars combined to represent a collection of 260 models in 1/43 scale, many of them rare or unique, of road cars from the beginnings up to the 1930s, collected in two generations. A personal view of the beauty and splendour of the pre-war era in more than 1,100 images and a source of information on models, manufacturers and cars.
    Hauptkategorie: Kunst & Fotografie
    Weitere Kategorien Freizeit & Handwerk

Literatur (Bücher etc.)

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